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Hi Hugh,

I agree that wasting millions of tonnes of food a year is unacceptable.

I want the supermarkets to put a stop to this.

I want to see my supermarket take responsibility for the waste that they cause in the supply chain. I want them to relax their cosmetic standards for produce, and to stop changing orders at the last moment. They should do all they can to stop pushing the waste problem onto the farmers who supply them.

I also think Britain’s food industry should make strenuous and visible efforts to redistribute all their surplus good food to those who are in need, instead of sending it to anaerobic digestion.

Doubling the amount they redistribute in the next year seems reasonable and achievable.

Above all, I would like to see complete transparency from the supermarkets in the way they deal with waste.

I realise that the problem of waste is one for consumers to tackle as well as retailers. And so I am making the following personal pledges:

  • To reduce my food waste through smarter shopping and storage
  • To use up my leftovers where possible
  • To be vigilant about my recycling

Good Luck!